AFG Wealth Management is based in Hoboken, NJ. We are a comprehensive wealth planning firm. The impetus for clients coming to the firm is always investment services ... that is the specialty and what AFG Wealth Management is known for in the field. However, this is truly a wealth planning firm and equal amounts of time are spent on detailed retirement analyses, estate planning including a hypothetical probate, educational funding and tax analysis. All of the aspects of a client’s financial situation are inter-related. It is impossible to address one without affecting the others.

Our entire practice has been designed to address the two fundamental questions that every client has of our industry. Question #1 is, “will I make it?” We have found the majority of people we meet haven’t even defined “it.”

First, we take you through an immersive discovery process and help you define everything you’re trying to accomplish in your financial life. Then we take a look at everything you’re doing to determine whether in fact what you hope happens has a chance to occur. If those two align we will pat you on the back and say congratulations, you’re well on your way. If there is a deficiency or shortfall we will surface the issue and give you rational solutions to get back on track.

This brings us to question #2, “Do I have any financial blind spots?” Here our team does a 360° look at you from a financial perspective, looking for anything that could do yourself, your family or your business harm. Once again if we uncover something, we will surface the issue and give you rational solutions to close that risk exposure. So at the end of this exhaustive process you have answered the two fundamental questions that everyone has: “Will I make it and do I have any financial blind spots.”